Kick Start your Day with Energy

Combating Fatigue

With every new day, new week, new month or New Year, it presents with a great opportunity to create a plan which will support you to boost your health and well-being. Generally giving you the opportunity to help you feel your best for the days, months and years ahead.

K-28 helping with activity and sports energy

Whether your goal is combating fatigue that affects your daily life. Or whether it is to have the best performance in the sports you love, or the exercise to remain fit, we have something for you.

Have you ever heard of the KREBS cycle?
This multi-step energy production process, contains many different biochemical reactions, constantly taking place in the powerhouse inside your cells. These reactions has specific chemical requirements which must be supplied through the food we eat.
Therefore it is essential to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs to facilitate this energy making process.

Basically, if the nutrients needed for any step of this cycle are not available or in short supply! The entire cycle will be thrown out of balance and the body’s ability to produce energy will be impaired.

As we better understand the need for nutrition, and we learn that vitamins, minerals and amino acids once in a balanced proportion are essential. Then, the body’s Krebs cycle can function at any given time at peak capacity.

K-28 Energy Plus

K-28 is your body’s ticket to extra energy! Combating fatigue with 28 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids all in perfect harmony. K-28 helps ensure that the biochemical cycles of your body are perfectly tuned for maximum efficiency.
Just like a finely adjusted engine creates superior car performance with fewer mechanical headaches. Regular use of K-28 will give you an plenty of vitality without any exhaustion or weariness at day’s end.

Rev up Your Energy Levels – Start using K-28 today and experience the power it has over feeling boosted throughout each busy day!

K-28 is a nutritious, all-ages delight! Formulated with isolated soy protein and skim milk powder for energy plus fibre, essential vitamins and minerals to promote well being. Perfect Fuel whether you’re just getting started in life or winding down your journey.

Make K-28 your nutritious pre-workout shake!
K-28 can be blended to individual tastes, energy levels and nutritional requirements, thereby making sure it fits into your pre-workout schedule.
For maximum results, take 15g (2 scoops) 1-2 times daily and up to 1 hour before sports or high-energy activity.
Mix with 250ml of either cold water, juice or milk – shake well in a Turbo Shaker to combine.
Add fruits or milk to the powdered formula and blend to create a delicious shake!