What is Colostrom?

Colostrum is a milk-like substance that comes from the breasts of  mammals for the first few days following birth. It is sometimes referred to as first milk, as it comes before true milk appears and is high in fat for energy, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. However, it is the protein molecules that hold a special function. Some of these proteins are antibodies that fight disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses, which a newborn is exposed to as soon as it enters the environment outside of its mother. These provide the newborn with passive immunity; basically kick-starting the immune system development.
Antibody levels in colostrum can be 100 times higher than levels in regular milk. Anti-microbial factors are also contained within colostrum, adding to the protective nature of this substance. Another important component of colostrum is the range of growth factors; these stimulate the development of the gut. Colostrum also contains proline rich peptides (PRPs) which are other special protein molecules. PRPs are the ‘messenger’ molecules that modulate the immune system, acting like a kind of volume switch, turning up when needed and turning down when things are quieter. 

Bovine Colostrum
Colostrum antibodies were used to treat illness and infection prior to the development of modern day  antibiotics. In fact, the first oral vaccine for polio was developed from antibodies found in bovine colostrum. Today, interest and research into the anti-pathogenic properties of colostrum is ramping up, due to the increase in antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogens. These can  lead to serious and sometimes fatal infections.  
Cows produce far more colostrum than their calves require, so the excess is harvested and used in research as well as being sold for human consumption

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Why would I choose to take Colostrum?

  • Can help lower LDL cholesterol  
    (and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease).
  • May play a role in reversing heart disease through immune system support.
  • Assists immunity for everyday wellness.
  • Supports gut health and digestive comfort.
  • Supports healthy ageing.
  • Supports healthy tissues and muscles including heart muscle.
  • Support for your body's healing and repair processes: mucosal cell lining, heart tissue, blood  vessels.

As always, if you are on any medications or suffer from chronic health conditions, speak with a health care professional before consuming any dietary or nutritional supplements.

How is Colostrom Harvested?

Once a cow has given birth, she produces approximately 25 litres of colostrum over the following 36 hours. The first five litres is given to the calf as this is vital for its survival and health. These five litres provide sufficient colostrum to ensure adequate nutrition to the calf and to safeguard herd quality. Subsequent production of colostrum and milk for the future is also maintained by this practice.

The remaining colostrum is collected, skimmed and flash-pasteurised at 72°C for 15 seconds. This is long enough to kill any pathogenic microbes but not long enough to damage the delicate bioactive elements of colostrum. The product is then low heat dried to maintain the bioactivity and leave a white powder.

Low heat drying was pioneered in New Zealand and results in a loss of bioactivity of less than 3%.  After it is low heat dried, the colostrum powder is manufactured into powdered drinks, capsules and tablets.

Where is the Colostrum collected?

In New Zealand, cows enjoy open green pasture and are free roaming. Their care is maintained by strict government regulations and New Zealand farmers are recognised around the world for their superior farming techniques and standards. New Zealand colostrum is collected fresh and processed immediately. In some countries, colostrum is not so fresh because it is frozen prior to processing.

Once our colostrum is collected, it is stored in a sterilised stainless steel tank to be picked up for processing on the same day. The colostrum is then tested for purity and levels of bio-active ingredients. The colostrum used by New Image has earned wide respect and recognition for its quality. Only the highest quality colostrum is used, under strict guidelines enforced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).

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New Zealand has over 5.5 million dairy cows. Each year the cows will give birth to calves within a 3 month period. During this period, a large quantity of fresh colostrum is collected and process without the need for refrigerating and defrosting.

Each year, New Image supplies as much as 1000 tonnes of colostrum blended powder product.

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Stringent Manufacturing Process

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Processing: Flash Pasteurization

90% of the activeness of Immunoglobulins G (IgG) is retained after pasteurization.