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Good nutrition is vital for quality of life.
You are what you eat!

Colostrum Australia has been an independent distributor for New Image™ for the past 6 years. In 2015 New Image products were not well-known in Australia and the struggle back then was to introduce them to the Australian market. Now we have joined the ranks of one of the fastest growing MLM Team for New Image™ in all the participating countries.

New Image™ is currently ranked in 35th place in the world for MLM companies. New Image™ was the first and one of the World's largest retailers of Colostrum.

Colostrum Australia has, and always will put our customers first. Satisfied customers are the life blood of any business.

Colostrum Australia would now like to invite any of our customers who regularly purchase our flagship product 'Alpha Lipid Lifeline' the opportunity to become a member and purchase product at member prices.


Welcome to New Image

Choose Your Passion

Start your journey!

As a member of our New Imageteam, you have the option of three exciting paths that can lead to a lifestyle with more choices and opportunity to do all the things that you have always wanted to do. The choice is yours, and we will support you on your chosen journey to receive the rewards that first attracted you to New Image™. Many start as a product consumer and quickly recognise the benefits of becoming an Executive.

alpha lipid lifeline 450g Colostrum Powdered Drink

New Image™

Product Retailer

Product Retailer

Enrolling as a member allows, you to purchase our products at wholesale price. You also have the opportunity of retailing New Image™ products, earning you a profit of up to 25% on each product sold.

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New Image™



Wanting to earn extra income? Then becoming a representative allows you to share your New Imagesuccess with others and be rewarded. Work the hours you want, when ever you want. Ideal for students, stay-at-home parents,part-time workers,and full-time workers looking for additional income.

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New Image™



Looking to change your lifestyle? Be come an executive, and be generously rewarded for introducing and coaching others on our product/business opportunities, Executives can earn up to 8 different payments/bonuses. Making our rewards Programme one of the most generous in the Direct Selling industry.

New enrolment kit

The steps to NOW!

Select Language

Select Country

Click GO

Go to the bottom of the page

Click on SIGN-UP

Read through Terms & Conditions

Fill in your name

Follow Format required

Have look at required information

Some items will be required, and some are not.

Company Name - not required
Tax ID - only if you use a company name

Legal Address - is required
make sure you fill in correctly

Country & Language will come from 1st page

Correct Mobile number
Correct Email Address
(very important - no mistakes)

Bank details are very important (so you can be paid commissions)

Name your account is in... - required
BSB & Account no - required

format for account details 6 digit bsb immediately followed by account number 07754010336987  no gaps/spaces


You will then be taken to the checkout page

you will need to pay $60 for your membership

Renewal each year after is $40

you will receive an email from New Image

This will give you your login and password for your account

If you wish to become supervisor immediately ... in 1 go..
you will need to order 25 cans and you will automatically receive 2 cans free

If you are just wanting to be a customer with warehouse pricing
then you can login and just order what you need.

Please do not order anymore than 25 cans to start. If you need more please speak to me first.
0407 595 326 Pauline Young

Welcome to Young Alpha ALL-STARS

You are now in the best team in Australia, and we help each other
if you need any help, please call me Pauline Young 0407 595 326