Colostrum for Children - Alpha Lipid™ Dinotabs

Chewable Colostrum tablets for kids

Children enjoy the taste of Alpha Lipid™ Dinotabs Strawberry flavoured

Flavoured, Chewable
Tablets for Kids!

Why is Children's Immunity so Important?

Immunity is the body's way of fighting ills, chills, disease or infection before you feel the symptoms. Your Childs immune system isn't fully developed until the age of 7 or 8 years!

Bovine Colostrum contains important immune factors (antibodies) that may help your children to cope with the constant immune challenges they face.

Healthy Immunity & Gut Health

Colostrum supports digestion by providing nutrients that nourish a healthy digestive tract.

70% of all cells that make up the immune system are housed in the gut, getting their gut bacteria healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep your child healthy.

Dental & Bone Health

Even though they taste sweet, the New Image™ Alpha Lipid™ Dinotabs do not contain sugar, so they will not contribute to tooth decay.
Alpha Lipid™ Dinotabs contain a natural sugar free sweeter called xylitol.
Alpha Lipid™ Dinotabs support healthy teeth and gums. Bovine colostrum supports overall oral health and calcium is important for normal healthy teeth and bone mineralisation.