Alpha Lipid Bio-Rejuv 2.0

Alpha Lipid Bio-Rejuv Next Generation Formula


Soap Free & Deep Cleansing Bioactive
Beauty Treatment Bar


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Alpha Lipid Bio-Rejuv Beauty Treatment Bar

The skin on your face is delicate, so choosing the right cleanser is just as vital as ensuring your daily cleansing. Step One Alpha Lipid Bio-Rejuv Beauty Treatment cleansing bar
Being the first step of our Skincare Collection.

Alpha Lipid Bio-Rejuv beauty deep cleansing and treatment bar. Offers a unique and potent synergy of Colostrum, Immune Defence Proteins, including vitamin rich oils and Manuka honey.
To effectively support your skin’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory responses.

Being fragrance and alcohol free, with no additives or harsh preservatives.
This bar effectively cleans your skin, helping prevent skin conditions such as acne.

Key Benefits:

  • Gently purifies and cleanses your skin
  • Offers Bio-active growth factors to promote skin cell regeneration
  • Protect skin against microbial infections and inflammation
  • Balances skin pH and keeps hydration
  • Contains gentle and natural ingredients suitable for all skin types

Various growth Factors in colostrum help in the generation and maintenance of cells in the epithelial (top)  layers of the skin. Stimulating the proliferation of cells in the connective tissue, vital for young looking skin.

Vitamin Rich oils contain vitamin A, E and B complex, essential for new skin cell production and antioxidants. These protect cells from UV damage and reduce inflammation.

100% natural, IDP is produced by cows as a defensive shield to protect both the mother and the calf against infection and inflammation.
So fits in nicely with our colostrum story.

As an extract of pure natural skim milk, IDP has a uniquely powerful and synergistic Triple-A Action (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacteria).
So what does that mean to you and your skin, with IDP offering a powerful defensive shield against infections.
Helping with the control skin infections and acne causing bacteria as well as redness and irritation.

Bio Rejuv wouldn’t be complete without NZ Manukau honey, because it plays a vital role of balancing your skin’s pH level, it also helps wash away dead cells debris and helps decrease inflammation, providing that glow of perfect skin health